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January 16, 2013

The CCDC is pleased to announce that WebCSD is now available to all academic CSD subscribers! For each seat of the CSD you have purchased (up to a maximum of 6 for an unlimited licence) you will be able to register a username and password for WebCSD. This will allow you to do fast and simple searches anywhere on site, with no need for installation!

WebCSD provides the easy-access interface to the CSD, allowing you to perform quick searches from a browser and giving you a convenient route to the very latest structures. It provides additional functionality, including 2D similarity and fast text/numeric searching, not found in our expert 3D desktop tools, such as ConQuest. The Chemistry Division of the ACS Special Libraries Association (SLA) has recognised WebCSD as a valuable teaching resource, and an increasing number of organisations, including the world's top 10 universities, are taking advantage of this fantastic resource.

If you have renewed your CSD licence for 2013, you can register for WebCSD now by going through our user portal. You will need your site number and 2013 confirmation code to complete the registration. For more information on how to access WebCSD, please contact .