CCDC announces the formation of a new Scientific Advisory Board

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July 23, 2019

CCDC has formed a scientific advisory board to help expand and support increased generation of new insights through high quality research

Cambridge UK, 22 July 2019. As we move into the 2020s the need for comprehensive, high quality structural data combined with deep domain expertise to fully leverage the latest technologies such as AI is becoming more important than ever. The opportunities to discover and develop new materials computationally means that a vast number of concepts can be evaluated before moving to expensive physical experimentation and development. This is relevant in pharmaceuticals, healthcare and many other industries, and CCDC is therefore delighted to announce the formation of a new Scientific Advisory Board comprising globally leading scientists to help drive its growth in new and exciting areas.

Eight highly esteemed experts in their respective fields have agreed to sit on the board, namely: Georgia McGaughey; Global Head of Modelling and Informatics from Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Susan Reutzel-Edens; Senior Research Advisor at Eli Lilly & Company, Mike Bodkin; Senior Vice President Research Informatics at Evotec, Oliver Korb; Senior Scientist, Discovery Informatics at Roche, Andrew G. Leach; Lecturer at Liverpool John-Moores University, Aurora Cruz-Cabeza; Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, Neil Champness; Professor of Chemical Nanoscience at the University of Nottingham and Andy Cooper; Professor, Director of the Materials Innovation Factory at the University of Liverpool.

Jason Cole, Senior Research Fellow at the CCDC, said “This is an exciting development for CCDC. We’re looking forward to taking advantage of the extensive knowledge and experience that the SAB members will bring to the organisation.”

Jürgen Harter, CEO at CCDC, commented “It is great to see the evolution of CCDC’s scientific strategy being underpinned by this new group of distinguished experts, for whose input CCDC is deeply grateful. We look forward to open and stimulating debates, and charting the best path for advancing structural science into the future”

The SAB is chaired by CCDC Trustee, Martin Stahl, Head, Lead Discovery at Roche, who said "The SAB brings together a rich diversity in expertise, reflecting the CCDC's central role at the intersection of many sciences. I am very much looking forward to a stimulating exchange of ideas with this group of experts."


CCDC Scientific Advisory Board