2019 CCDC Prize Winner: Dr Sihai Yang – The University of Manchester

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March 13, 2019

The CCDC is delighted to report that the winner of the 2019 edition of the CCDC Chemical Crystallography Prize for Younger Scientists is Dr Sihai Yang from the University of Manchester.

Sihai will be awarded the CCDC Prize along with a specially-produced commemorative item when he gives the prize lecture on his research. This year the prize lecture will be given at the 2019 CCG Autumn Meeting, rather than the BCA Spring Meeting as has been tradition.

“We are delighted that Sihai has been awarded the 2019 CCDC Prize. Sihai's research into metal-organic frameworks and the focussed applications of these materials has been extremely impressive. The CCDC is always proud to support this award and in Sihai, we can see another UK chemical crystallographer with a very bright future!” Pete Wood (Senior Research & Applications Scientist, CCDC)

“Sihai’s research in the field of metal-organic framework materials has been insightful into the structure and dynamics of these systems. He has been at the forefront of equipment developments at Central Facilities in collaboration with beamline scientists. These systems have not only advanced his own work, with high-impact publications, but also that of many others. He is a very worthy winner of the CCDC prize this year and shows the wealth of talent in UK Crystallographic community”. Iain Oswald (Chair of CCG Committee)

An aluminium-based metal-organic framework (MFM-300; CSD refcode YEYDUE) designed to act as a sponge to trap nitrogen dioxide gas (a major air pollutant) directly from air