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Shyam Vyas

Posted on

July 30, 2014

​This is my first blog entry for the CCDC. I am proud to say that it is a first from the US office – Paul’s previous blog entry doesn’t count as he transferred over from our Cambridge office in the UK. In the six months I have been with the CCDC I have learned a lot, and found it an impressive place to work. More importantly, I’ve now had the chance to interact with quite a few of our US customers. I am continually amazed at how well-respected the organization is by our customers, depositors and contributors. I hope that we can make sure this continues to be the case.

The ramping up of our North American operation coincides with the UNESCO International Year of Crystallography and the 23rd IUCr Congress being in Montreal this year (where it was last held in 1957!). There will be several CCDC staff members there, from both the US and UK, so if you’re attending please come and see the CCDC exhibition stand at booth 213/215!

Here’s a picture of me with Suzanna and Colin from this year’s Spring ACS meeting in Dallas; hopefully the CCDC exhibition stand will have lots of visitors in Montreal! It promises to be a busy congress for us; as we’re involved in several events.

My colleague Suzanna Ward will be giving an entertaining talk on some of the more interesting structures in the CSD. The presentation is called  “A Celebration of 700,000 Small Molecule Crystal Structures” and Suzanna will take this opportunity to thank you, our depositors, and highlight some of your remarkable achievements before finding out how you would like to see us develop in the future.
We’re also hosting a workshop where we’ll be giving participants a chance to get some hands-on experience with some of the more advanced features of the CSD System. The workshop aims to demonstrate some of the applications we offer for crystal engineering or solid form analysis, with experienced CCDC staff on hand to help you get the most out of our software.
Both these events require registration, more information is available from our events page or the IUCr2014 website.
Colin Groom is also giving a talk, at the MS-30 microsymposium, on “Data to Knowledge: How to Get Meaning from Your Result” on the afternoon of Thursday 7th August. We’re sponsoring Poster prizes for young scientists too, so there should be plenty of opportunities for you to meet up with CCDC staff throughout the Congress; please come and say hello!


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