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Jenny Field

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January 3, 2014

​We are always looking for ways to get data into the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) more quickly and efficiently, so we are delighted to have new data deposition arrangements with the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr). They have started depositing small molecule X-ray crystal data for all their journals with us prior to a journal’s publication. We then issue CCDC deposition numbers, and for the first time CCDC numbers will be published in IUCr journals (referred to as CCDC references).
When the IUCr publish a journal, this automatically updates our archive so that the data are freely available for users to download within minutes of publication via our data request form (https://summary.ccdc.cam.ac.uk/structure-summary-form). It is also possible to request data from structures reported in the references of papers in IUCr journals, directly from the html view of the paper with just one click.
The IUCr has a new open-access peer-reviewed journal for 2014, called IUCrJ http://journals.iucr.org/m/issues/2014/01/00/. This journal will be launched in January to celebrate the International year of Crystallography. Already we have X-ray data deposited for articles in the first issue available for users to download, and the first structures are in WebCSD in preparation for the journal launch.
These advances mean that IUCr journal readers can access and use crystallographic data much more conveniently and quickly, and that users of the CSD System can benefit from quicker inclusion of new structures into the database through a facilitated channel. We are looking forward to continuing our very fruitful relationship with IUCr journals, and perhaps also expanding this level of collaboration to other journal providers.
CCDC references reported in the IUCr journal link directly to the Data Request page on our website, where users can download the data, and CSD subscribers are able to view the structure in WebCSD.


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