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Written by

Kamila Orzechowska

Posted on

June 3, 2013

As Deposition Coordinators at the CCDC, charged with managing the input of new data to the CSD, our job became easier and even more pleasant on the 29th of April 2013. We are suddenly more efficient and we can prove it! We can prove it by our monthly data input statistics as well as by all the nice comments we have been receiving recently from our Depositors, who immediately noticed the improvement and reduction of the waiting time - from the moment they submit their crystal structures via our Website or click “send“ button, if they chose to email us attached files - to the moment of receiving brand new (or revised) CCDC numbers back.

It all can be embraced in one name: CSD-Xpedite - our new bespoke software infrastructure, the accomplishment of a multi-year project by our Development Team. The previous software used for the deposition process, called Catdep (also created in-house), had been in use since 1998. The creation of CSD-Xpedite was necessary as the number of structures we have been adding each year has grown enormously.  During 1998, 15,645 new entries were added to the CSD bringing the total to 195,798. Last year we have added 57,304 new entries bringing the total to well over 650,000! Our good, old, familiar “Catdep” was not designed for such big increases - even though it was coping with the workload till the very last day of its use.

CSD-Xpedite has a completely new look-and-feel and new features that are still causing excitement here. It also has brand new capabilities that we are just beginning to use; as this improved, modern software enables additional tasks that we, as Deposition Coordinators, can now take on-board. I have no doubt that we will enjoy this challenge.

I am sure the numbers I have used as examples above will increase even more in the next few years. This is the challenge we will have to face – but we know now that we are prepared, with the strong belief that we will provide a fast, up-to-date, good quality service to our users. The timescales will reduce even more and number of structures will continue to grow - as will CCDC’s contribution to the world’s science.


We are more efficient and we can prove it! No emails waiting to be dealt with from external users.


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