Our core values helping us through challenging times

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Maggie Brown

Posted on

December 3, 2020

We are living in unprecedented times.  The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives, and we are beginning to understand what it means for how we live and work.  With a new year on our doorstep, we look at what we have achieved in the past months and consider our plans for the future.

Looking back, we all went through many professional and personal challenges this year. The COVID-19 pandemic demanded rapid change for all our teams and everyone demonstrated agility and passion in adapting to the new ways of working.  At the CCDC we used our core values and culture to guide us through the decisions that had to be made.


Serving our community

The world is now a different place; since March we have all been working from home. Despite this, we have maintained our focus on our customers and our communities. We have organised over 20 virtual events, plus countless individual meetings to support the specific needs of our customers and users. Listening to our community is extremely important to us, it provides us with direction to make the right improvements to our database, software and services. The quality of our database and software has always been vital and as in previous years, we have delivered three data releases and two software releases containing  many new features and improvements, with another software and data release due to be launched next week.



Supporting our team

The continued progress with our data, science and software would not be possible without the CCDC family. Keeping our people safe, secure, and supported has been of upmost importance to us over the past months. Ensuring the mental health and wellbeing of our people has been a priority for us during the pandemic.  Social interactions have played an important part and we have had many virtual social activities facilitated by our vibrant social committee.


Looking forward

Moving forward, 2021 brings new hopes and probably some challenges. However, the future for CCDC looks bright with exciting projects in the pipeline; new users, new events, and new members in our teams.  At the CCDC we believe everyone makes a difference by serving our global scientific communities, producing trusted resources for our communities and customers and performing research, ultimately enabling the advancement of structural science.


With all best wishes for the festive season.


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