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Jeff Lengyel

Posted on

October 19, 2021

On 14 October, we hosted Dr Peyman Z. Moghadam from The University of Sheffield at our MOFs networking event. He presented his talk, High-throughput Computational Screening for MOF Materials Discovery. He spoke on how the analysis of MOFs data can support and guide the development of novel MOFs to suit specific applications like energy storage, catalysis, and CO2 sequestering. Here, you'll find materials from the event, including a recording of his presentation.

Dr Moghadam joined the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Sheffield in November 2018 as an Assistant Professor. Prior to joining Sheffield, Peyman was a senior research associate and the head of the computational group at the Adsorption and Advanced Materials Lab at the University of Cambridge for three years. There he worked with Shell on developing MOF adsorbent materials for natural gas storage. He is also co-author of the following papers:

Here’s a recording of his talk, High-throughput Computational Screening for MOF Materials Discovery, along with key links to additional MOFs materials discussed during the presentation.

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Click to download Peyman's presentation, High-throughput Computational Screening for MOF Materials Discovery. Try the data analysis tool discussed in Peyman's presentation. Learn more about the freely available CSD MOFs Collection, which includes over 10,000 structures for free use in academic research. The collection includes individual, single-block CIF files as well as four explanatory sheets in  CSV format. Each structure comes from published, experimental work from in the CSD and has been curated and checked by our expert team of editors. For larger studies, see the CSD MOF Subset in the full CSD, which  contains over 100,000 MOFs. Download our Advancing MOFs with Materials Informatics whitepaper. Register for the free, on-demand MOFs talks referenced in the presentation: Questions about the event or any of the materials here? Please email . We're happy to help!


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