How to get help with the CSD and CCDC software

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Written by

Dave Bardwell

Posted on

July 13, 2021


What do you do when you don’t know how to install the latest updates of the CSD? Or your software is not ‘responding’? Here we’ll cover the different ways to get help and advice. 

CSD support online

You can find many answers and guidance on our website. Here we will take through the options.

CSD Software Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to common questions asked by our community. Type your question or keyword, filter by product and category to find the answer. Don’t worry if you don’t know the product name or category, it’s not mandatory, but it helps to narrow down the search.

CSD User Guides - Documentation and Resources

The documentation and resources page brings you an detailed pdf user guides, tutorials and videos showing you how to use the CSD software and features. Again you can filter by software and file type to find what you need.

Virtual Workshops

From 2020 we have adapted our workshops to a virtual format: “Show one, try one, explore more!” with our team on hand live to help as you try out example exercises. If you would like to join us and train at the CCDC Virtual Workshops, keep an eye on our events webpage. If you cannot make it or prefer learning on demand, explore our CSDU modules. We have just launched the first module, "Visualisation 101", and we will be working on expanding this collection.


Over the last years, CCDC has hosted a variety of webinars demonstrating our tools and software. They are live events, but we always record the presentations so you can watch on-demand on your own time. In our regular What’s Up webinars we present two topics and when possible a software demonstration, showing you new features and how to find them.

YouTube channel

Watch our series of short How-To videos showing how to do specific tasks in our software. Browse our playlists, or search for the topic you need. These short videos are accessible to everyone and show you tips and tricks from our science team.

CSD support helpdesk

Still not finding what you are looking for? Our support team is here to help. You can send an email to with your questions and one of our User Scientists will get in touch. The more information you can provide, the better - it will help us find you a solution faster. Try to include;
  • Your name, company or university and account or licence number if you have it.
  • Your operating system
  • Screenshots to help describe or show the issue
We run many free virtual events and webinars throughout the year and welcome everyone. These are a great way to keep learning as new features are released. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive all the events and news by email so you don’t miss out.


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