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June 7, 2021

Are you the campus CSD-Enterprise licence owner? Do you want to know more about how the CSD academic licence works? Then this overview of academic licencing and tools is for you. I’m a user support scientist. In this short blog and accompanying video, I walk through how to activate and use your CSD licence and how to assist individual users with their activations. In the second half, I cover training and support opportunities – including tutorials available within the tools and those available online – to help you advance your institution's structural science.

In November 2019, we updated our licensing system, which is now used by versions 2020 and later. Some of the benefits include:

  • Your licence is no longer tied to the calendar year. You can purchase and activate it on any calendar day, and it can run for multiple years.
  • Users will no longer need new licence information year after year since it does not necessarily change.
  • There is an option to run your own licence server, which works well for multiple users and restrictive firewalls.
  • While users will still need to download and install the CSD releases, the software will work with any version. So you can update when it’s most convenient for you, provided you’re using version 2020 or later.

These changes should make for an especially seamless experience for users since they do not need to reactivate their licences every year. For detailed instructions on how to activate individual licences and where to find support and training materials, click play.


You can find more information and support at these links:


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