May 2020 CSD Data Update

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Clare Tovee

Posted on

June 3, 2020

We are pleased to announce the May 2020 data update of the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) is now available!  This data update brings you 10,188 new structures (10,697 new entries) and increases the total size of the CSD to over 1,048,000 structures (1,067,000 entries).

This update contains 10 new Thorium structures out of only 1,121 in the whole of the CSD, including a structure by Justin K. Pagano & co-workers with CSD Refcode NUJZIE (DOI: 10.5517/ccdc.csd.cc1n7lr7). This Thorium sandwich structure has an unusual 5-member metallocycle joined by an anti-aromatic cyclobutene ring to a benzene ring.

Image of CSD Refcode NUJZIE

Thorium sandwich complex CSD Refcode NUJZIE

This update also has 1,457 new CSD Communications, including a new structure of the polymorphic antibiotic drug Sulfamethoxazole, CSD Refcode SLFNMB09 (DOI: 10.5517/ccdc.csd.cc24fr5j). There are currently 4 different polymorphs of this drug and this structure determined by Samantha L. Rood et al. in space group C 2/c joins the Sulfamethoxazole family in the CSD. 

Image of Refcode PATXEQ

Unit cell packing of CSD Refcode PATXEQ viewed just off the b axis


Installing the updates

The CSD software suites have a built-in auto-update mechanism that makes updating the data and software easy and will also notify you if an update is available. More information is available via our Support section

If you would prefer to download and install an update manually or you are unable to run the auto-update mechanism through your computer, then all of our updates are also made available via the 'Data & Software Updates' section of our Downloads page and you can install them manually.  If you are having problems installing the updates please see our FAQ for more details and other options. 


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