WebCSD v2 – What should we improve next?

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Pete Wood

Posted on

February 6, 2018

We launched the latest version of our CSD web searching interface, WebCSD v2, during the summer of 2017. Since then, we’ve also added a range of new features to the interface including the ability to perform unit cell searches, structural similarity searches and included query highlighting. We’re keen to get further feedback from you, our user community, about the interface and how you think it should be developed in the future.

We are now launching a web page that allows you to review some of the improvement ideas that we are considering for WebCSD and, if you log into the page, you can vote on which ones you’d prefer to see done first. Visit the WebCSD Ideas page to see the ideas and vote for your favourites. WebCSD Ideas page The new WebCSD Ideas page provides the opportunity to vote for the improvements that you’d most like to see us make to WebCSD in the future. Each user can choose to vote just once per idea, so make sure that you only vote for the ones you are most interested in seeing added to WebCSD v2. We’ll review the votes and use the information to prioritise our development. You can also add comments on any of the individual improvements to give us suggestions on how they should look. We’re always keen to get feedback about our software, our website and how we interact with our user community. If you have any other questions or comments, or if the functionality you would most like to see added to WebCSD is not already listed, please send us a message through . Pete Wood, Product Manager for the CSD-System


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