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Written by

Suzanna Ward

Posted on

March 16, 2017

In December last year it was with much excitement that we launched our new deposition portal to allow depositors to view and retrieve their deposited data. Since then I am very pleased to report that over 4,000 of you have registered to use this service and that the vast majority of feedback has been very positive. It is great to see the community benefitting from and using this new functionality so much already.


Since December we have been spurred on by your positive messages and feedback and one of our development teams here at CCDC has been working hard to enhance this service to meet your requirements. I am pleased to say that today we added new functionality to allow depositors to edit and update publications associated with their structures, extend embargo periods and publish any unpublished structures as CSD Communications. This is just the start of the improvements we will be making to this service and so to keep you up to date you will see a ‘What’s New’ banner every time new functionality is added. This means that you will be fully updated on what has been added since you last used the service and you can start to benefit from these enhancements as soon as possible. Screenshots of new functionality to edit publications Screenshot showing the new functionality that allows depositors to update publication details, extend an embargo period and publish data as a CSD Communication. Despite only releasing the latest version today, the development team has already made good progress on producing the next version! Work is already underway to allow depositors to share depositions with their collaborators and this will set the foundation for a way to share crystallographic data across institutions in the future. We would love to hear how you would like our deposition services to develop and what your priorities and requirements are. If you have any comments or suggestions please send an email to: We also have a number of FAQs on our support pages to help answer any questions you may have. Thank you once again for all your valued depositions; collectively through the CSD we are already sharing over 875,000 entries created from your structures. We hope you will continue to benefit from our new system and that you enjoy the new functionality.