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Suzanna Ward

Posted on

October 31, 2016

We are pleased to announce that a new pre-release version of our popular Access Structures service is now available. This free service has enhanced search functionality and interim results pages to help you find, access and navigate to the structures you want.

Last week's International Open Access Week  was "all about taking concrete steps to open up research and scholarship and encouraging others to do the same". We are delighted that this pre-release helps achieve exactly that, in opening up even more crystallographic data for everyone. The possibility for anyone, anywhere, on any device to be able to use a compound name or bibliographic details to search the CSD, and download the associated crystallographic data, will allow more people than ever to use crystallographic data in their research and education activities. You can access the new pre-release version here: The service will help our community of structure depositors too, ensuring the data they share is much more findable than ever. The screenshot below shows an example of our new system including the new interim results page, allowing users to quickly select the data most relevant to their research. Screenshots showing how you could use the New Access Structures service to search the CSD for CSD Communications. This pre-release version will form the foundation for our next-generation tools for searching the CSD on the web. It is currently released in parallel with our existing Access Structures service but will replace our current system shortly. Development work is also already well-advanced to extend this system for CSD-System users, incorporating WebCSD functionality such as sub-structure searching. We are continuing to develop the new Access Structures and WebCSD systems in response to feedback from you, our user community, so we would love to hear what you think about the enhanced search functionality and any suggestions you might have. Just drop us an email on . Happy searching!