Lego, Chocolate and Polymorphs

Chocolate and lego: it sounds like the perfect plan for the afternoon.

And polymorphs will be the guests of honour.

You will build lego-polymorphs, learn more about chocolate, and find out that a famous movie almost lied to us. But we are getting ahead of ourselves: what are polymorphs first of all? You will find out and learn about these crystal forms in this hands-on activity.

reward is waiting for you! Once you have completed the activity (with or without the hands-on part), you can receive the collectable virtual badge for this workshop! Please, ask an adult to download it from this webpage.

What You Will Need:

At the bottom of this page, you can find downloadable printable resources to guide you in the activity. All you need now is an inquisitive mind!

To try the hands-on activity, you will require:

  • Lego bricks or other toy building bricks, and a Lego board to use as the base of the construction.
  • Two squares of chocolate, preferably dark (optional, but tasty!).

Do not worry if you cannot try the hands-on activities. You can still read about them in the handout.

Learning Outcomes:

In this activity you will:

  • Review what a crystal is.
  • Learn about crystal polymorphs and gain a basic understanding of their stability.
  • Learn examples of polymorphs around you.


Recommended Age:

  • The learning online portion is suitable for ages 11+ years to do self-directed reading and learning, or 8+ with adult guidance.
  • The hands-on activities are suitable for ages 8+ years with adult supervision.

Health & Safety:

These activities are carried out at your own risk. 

Please read these health and safety guidelines to reduce risks.

  • Children should not be left unsupervised with any small items that could be harmful to ingest.
  • For the chocolate melting activity, we have not suggested the use of a flame. If, however, you intend to do so to speed up the melting process, please do only when children are under adult supervision.
  • Any access to the internet form minors should be done under adult supervision.
  • If you print and cut out the handouts and reward badge, please be aware of potential cuts from scissors or papers, and irritation from contact of glue with eyes, skin, hair or ingestion.

Further Learning

Don’t miss our videos on chocolate transformations and the explanation of what is observed using Lego in the Chocolate & Lego activity from our Crystals Adventures.

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