The seventh crystal structure prediction blind test organised by the CCDC starts in October 2020 - registration is now open.

Following on from the fantastic advances made through the past CSP blind tests, this seventh test is sure to pose new challenges, ask deeper questions, and examine method developments closely.

The test will bring together the best methodologies and scientists from around the world to assess the latest advances in CSP against experimentally determined (but as-yet unpublished) structures.



If you have a novel methodology for CSP and would like to participate in the test, register via this form and our team will be in touch to confirm next steps.




To participate in the test you must have a novel methodology to predict crystal structures. The intent of the CSP blind test is to allow development of new methods or new enhancements to existing methods to improve CSP. For this reason, we are asking registrants to express how they feel their approach will be unique as compared to other participants. 


Key dates for participants

  • 6th October 2020 - registration opens (you may still register any time during the test, even after the test systems are released).
  • 27th October 2020 - test systems released to participants.
  • 12th November 2020 - meeting for participants.
  • October 2021 - phase 1 ends.
  • May 2022 - phase 2 ends.
  • Q3 2022 - end of test meeting.


Follow test progress

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