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    Our core values helping us through challenging times

    We are living in unprecedented times.  The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives, and we are beginning to understand what it means for how we live and work.  With a new year on our doorstep, we look at what we have achieved in the past months and consider our plans for the future.

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    CSD-Educators: Michael Zdilla Professor at Temple University

    It is my pleasure to welcome Professor Michael Zdilla from Temple University as our guest for the third blog of the CSD Educators series. In his journey through crystallography teaching, Mike has created the Database for Educational Crystallographic Online Resources (DECOR), which we now host here at the CCDC. In its creator’s words, “DECOR is the world’s first online repository of shared teaching materials for crystallographic education. The site has an array of downloadable visual aids, animations, homework problems, and links to online courses and software downloads. DECOR is a resource for anyone in search of teaching tools for development of a new course for crystallography, augmentation of existing courses, or the pursuit of an informal education in crystallography and diffraction.”

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    Dr Karen Robertson wins CCDC Prize 2020

    Congratulations to Dr Karen Robertson, from Nottingham University, for winning the CCDC Chemical Crystallography Prize for Younger Scientists 2020 (CCDC Prize).

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    Community Toolkit from Crystal Conversations

    Hundreds of people have joined the CCDC and BACG at the Crystal Conversations virtual events this year - for tutorials, talks and tea breaks for solid form scientists of all disciplines. This month we built a community toolkit of resources that help you do great work.

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    Could the "Sunshine Vitamin" help in the fight against COVID-19?

    The Sunshine Vitamin and COVID-19

    Scientists have been looking for volunteers to take part in a new study to investigate the impacts of vitamin D, the 'sunshine vitamin', on the immune system. The study aims to determine whether taking vitamin D can help to increase immunity against respiratory diseases, including COVID-19, as some studies suggest a correlation between people with lower vitamin D levels and more severe COVID-19 symptoms.

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    CSD Educators: Chiara Massera Professor at the University of Parma

    This is the second blog in our CSD Educators series and I am delighted to introduce Chiara Massera from the University of Parma. In our CSD Educators series we will be hearing from lecturers and teachers about some of their experiences in education and their journey to using the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD).  Chiara is a passionate educator with twenty years experience teaching students. She has helped to organise several international crystallography schools including last years “Crystallographic Information Fiesta” in Naples. We asked Chiara to tell us more about her journey to teaching others about the wonders of crystallography.  


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  • Image of Seth Wiggin

    Help to shape the new CSD Sketcher

    We are delighted to announce the alpha release of a new CSD Sketcher as part of WebCSD, our online access to the CSD. Whilst you can continue to use the existing features of WebCSD for your research, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to try our new Sketcher and give us feedback on its future development.

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  • Image of Ioana Sovago

    How to generate videos of molecules from Mercury

    The way we communicate science can have a significant impact on the way will be received, and ultimately how it will contribute to advancing knowledge. Videos can often better illustrate the message we want to send across when dealing with molecular structures - and it's simple to make them.

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  • Image of Jonathan Betts

    CCDC Global UGM 2020 - the future of in silico science

    The final CCDC user group meeting of 2020 welcomed over 100 attendees. The virtual meeting saw presentations on new advances from diverse areas of structural science, and as a community we debated the future of in silico science through polls and discussion.

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    CSD Educators: Gregory Ferrence Professor of Chemistry at Illinois State University

    This is the first blog in our CSD Educators series and I am delighted to introduce Greg Ferrence - @FerrenceG - from Illinois State University. In our CSD Educators series we will be hearing from lecturers and teachers about some of their experiences in education and their journey to using the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD).  We wanted Greg to launch this series because not only has he used the CSD at his institution, but he has helped the CCDC shape our own educational resources and if that wasn’t enough he is currently doing a virtual sabbatical with us. We asked Greg to tell us about how he has used structural data to help inspire a new generation of scientists, his long standing collaboration with the CCDC and his journey to having a guest editor slot on our popular #FeaturedStructureFriday social media campaign.


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