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How to ensure you get the best graphical performance from the 3D visualiser components in CCDC programs


The 2020 release of the CSD Portfolio software includes numerous improvements to the graphical user interface of programs such as Mercury, Mogul & Hermes. In order for the software to take advantage of these improvements, you will need graphics drivers installed on your system that support at least OpenGL version 2. In the absence of suitable drivers, our programs will fall back to using software rendering, which will not be as efficient as using a dedicated graphics card.

If you do find that performance of the 3D visualiser in any of our programs is poor, we would highly recommend first installing the latest graphics card drivers for your computer's graphical system, as provided by the manufacturer (e.g. NVidia or AMD). Note that often the basic driver supplied by Windows or your Operating System will not support OpenGL version 2 even though the graphics card may be capable of it - we therefore always recommend installing the drivers direct from the manufacturer.