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How do I add or remove software / data from an existing install?


If you have a 2023 or later release of the CSD Portfolio and it was installed with the online installer, you can add or remove individual components using the CCDC Maintenance Tool which can be found in your CCDC installation directory.

  • If using the GUI, select the option to add or remove components on the first screen then click Next. You will be shown a tree of available components and can select or unselect the ones required before clicking Next to add or remove them.
  • Some components are dependent on others - for example you cannot have GOLD without Hermes.
  • If the "add or remove components" option is greyed out, go to the Settings screen and check that the default repositories are ticked. If this does not help, the software may have been installed with the offline installer.

From the command line you can use e.g.

ccdc-maintenance-tool.exe list for a list of currently installed packages

ccdc-maintenance-tool.exe search crossminer to find all packages with crossminer in the name

ccdc-maintenance-tool.exe -c install uk.ac.cam.ccdc.csd.crossminer to install crossminer

ccdc-maintenance-tool.exe -c remove uk.ac.cam.ccdc.csd.crossminer to remove crossminer