For GOLD 5.4 and later

GOLD is included as a part of CSD-Discovery and CSD-Enterprise and is licenced via the CSD licensing system. Use of GOLD will therefore follow the same rules as use of any other CSDS software (see the CSDS release and installation notes for further details). In general, a licensed copy of GOLD 5.4 will allow unlimited use on the computer it is registered on.


For GOLD 5.3 and earlier

Earlier versions of GOLD use FlexNet licensing and require the use of a license server. Here, GOLD was licensed on the basis of the number of simultaneous processes which could be operated so use is restricted to the number of processes and platforms that were purchased. GOLD is no longer available under this licensing model, and legacy customers with perpetual licenses are encouraged to subscribe to the CSDS to obtain the most recent version.

Multi-platform Licences including Windows - If your licence is for both UNIX and Windows platforms, the seats cannot float between these platforms and you will need to specify how many of each you require for each platform.

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