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How to deploy the CSD Portfolio to multiple computers


Option 1: Install the software and data on each computer separately using the online installer

For a silent install on Windows into C:\CCDC the command would be

CSDInstallerOnline-2023.1-windows.exe --root C:\CCDC -c --al install uk.ac.cam.ccdc


  • Minimal post-installation configuration required
  • Fast access to data
  • Easy to keep each computer up to date using CCDC Maintenance Tool


  • Uses the most disk space and bandwidth to download the data onto each computer

Option 2: Install the data in a central location, then install the software on each computer using the online installer

If the software is to be installed into C:\CCDC on each computer separately and the data into the network directory N:\CCDC-data the process is detailed below.

Run this once on a machine with write access to N:\CCDC-data.

CSDInstallerOnline-2023.1-windows.exe --root N:\CCDC-data -c --al install uk.ac.cam.ccdc.data

Then run this on each computer.

CSDInstallerOnline-2023.1-windows.exe --root C:\CCDC -c --al install uk.ac.cam.ccdc.csd

To prevent the software asking for the location of the data on first use, create a CSD.ini file with the following contents.


Then save it to a central location.

  • Windows: C:\ProgramData\CCDC
  • Linux: /etc/xdg/CCDC
  • macOS: /Library/Preferences/Qt/CCDC


  • Saves disk space and bandwidth by only downloading data once
  • Easy to keep each computer up to date using CCDC Maintenance Tool


  • May be slower accessing data over network
  • Need to configure the location of the data or software will complain

Option 3: (Windows) Create a local repository using the offline installer, then install on other computers by pointing the online installer at this repository

N.B. These instructions are for Windows only - on Linux and macOS the local repository will include the data so the installation process will be slightly different.

First run the offline installer on a central computer with the extra option --cl (create local repository). Note that the install directory must be accessible from the other computers, either as a network directory or over the web.

CSDInstallerOffline-2023.1.exe --root N:\CCDC --cl -c --da --al install uk.ac.cam.ccdc

Copy the ccdc-data folder which comes with the offline installer to a location which is accessible over the network.

Next run the online installer on each computer, with the --ar (add repository) option pointed at the local repository. The below command assumes that the install directory on the central computer is accessible as N:\CCDC from anywhere on the network.

CSDInstallerOnline-2023.1-windows.exe --root C:\CCDC --ar file:///N:\CCDC\repository -c --al install uk.ac.cam.ccdc.csd

Create a central CSD.ini file on each computer pointing at the data, as in option 2.

When a new release comes out, the software will have to be uninstalled and reinstalled on the central computer, creating a new local repository. The other computers can then be updated with the CCDC Maintenance Tool.


  • Minimises use of external network bandwidth


  • Requires extra disk space on the central computer
  • Requires a complete reinstall for each new release


To finish setting up the software (including configuring licensing for all users) see

How can I install the CSD Portfolio so that all users can access it?