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I am having difficulty downloading the latest CSD software with the online installer


​The CSD software suite online installer downloads your selected software and data components from a content distribution network that should allow high speed downloads across the world.

However, sometimes this connection may fail for a variety of reasons, but most commonly because of a temporary internet connection issue. When this happens while downloading a component, the CSD installer may display a message that it "Cannot download archive", e.g.

Cannot download archive https://install.ccdc.cam.ac.uk/online_repo/windows-dynamic-64/uk.ac.cam.ccdc.csd.activation/2023.2.243.docs.7z Connection closed

In these cases waiting a few moments and then clicking the Retry button should attempt the download again should allow the download to complete successfully. If the problem persists after repeated retries, please contact us at support@ccdc.cam.ac.uk for further help.