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On Windows, applying the 2023.2 update from a check for updates in Mercury or Hermes may give an error about updating qtwebengine_resources.pak


When applying the 2023.2 update you may observe an error similar to this if you started the process by checking for updates in Mercury or Hermes:

Cannot write entry "<path-to>\ccdc-software\mercury\resources\qtwebengine_resources.pak" to disk. Can't unlink already existing object. Permission denied.

This is due to Mercury or Hermes not shutting down completely while the update is in process, causing that file to be in use. It is safe to click ignore for this issue (there will be two files to click ignore for) and installation should then proceed normally.

If you start the ccdc-maintenance-tool independently with Mercury or Hermes closed normally (with no check for updates within those programs), then the issue will not be observed. This issue was fixed for the 2023.3 release.