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I have updated to CSD Portfolio 2023.1 and now the CSD Python API fails to find the software or data


This is usually a result of running the CSD Python API in your own Python environment and not updating it to the latest version when you update the CSD Portfolio. Because the filesystem layout was changed for 2023.1, older versions of the Python API are unable to locate the software and data in its new location. We aim to fix this in a future release.

Currently the recommended resolution for this issue is to update your CSD Python API to the latest version (3.0.15 at the date of writing). Installer links for the standalone Python API are obtained by filling out the same CSDS Downloads Form as for the main CSD Portfolio installers.

If you are unable to update your CSD Python API, you can set the environment variables CCDC_TOOLKIT_SQLITE_DATABASE and CCDC_LOCAL_CSD_SQLITE_ASER_FILES as a temporary fix e.g.

setx CCDC_TOOLKIT_SQLITE_DATABASE "C:\Users\Username\CCDC\ccdc-data\csd\as544be_ASER.sqlite"
setx CCDC_LOCAL_CSD_SQLITE_ASER_FILES "C:\Users\Username\CCDC\ccdc-data\csd\as544be_ASER.sqlite"