Note: GOLD 5.4 and later uses CSD software suite based licensing, and does not require a flexnet license server to be run. The following information therefore only applies to GOLD 5.3 and earlier.

If you are experiencing licence problems, please refer to the instructions relating to the relevant type of GOLD licence:

Evaluation Licences - Since this type of licence does not require the use of a FlexNet licence server, you should not attempt to start the licence server since doing so will result in an error message. If you are unable to run GOLD successfully using this type of licence, the most likely cause is that the licence file itself is corrupted or incomplete in some way. Please open the licence file in a text editor by going to:

UNIX - cat GOLD_Suite/ccdc_licence.dat

Windows - Start/Programs/CCDC/GOLD Suite/Licence Tools/Edit Licence File

Please check that the licence key information in the licence file exactly matches the licence details you were sent by email. If not, please make the necessary changes and try to run GOLD again. If you still encounter difficulties, please email and attach your installed licence file to the email.

Floating Permanent Licences - This type of licence requires the use of a FlexNet licence server. Most errors encountered with this type of licence file will be reported through the FlexNet licence manager interface. Therefore, there are two key ways to diagnose the problem:

1 - Check the FlexNet licence manager log file for errors:

UNIX - cat GOLD_Suite/gold/license.log

Windows - error messages will be displayed in the FlexNet licence server window that opens when you start the licence server.

2 - Run the FlexNet licence status evaluator:

UNIX - GOLD_Suite/bin/gold_licence status

Windows - Any licence server status messages will appear in the DOS window in which the licence server runs.

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