In order to view scatterplots in a Web browser you must configure it to use the IsoStar client as a helper application for files with a MIME type of chemical/x-isostar. The IsoStar client is installed as a part of the CSD Portfolio (together with Mercury, ConQuest etc), or is available as a standalone download

For Windows, installation should automatically setup an association with the scatterplot filetype and the IsoStar client so that clicking on a scatterplot link will give a prompt that includes the IsoStar client as an option to open the file with.

For linux, the run_isostar script must be associated with your web browser. For example with Firefox 1.5:

  1. Start Firefox
  2. Select Edit
  3. Select the Downloads tab and click on View and Edit Actions under Download Actions. A pop-up should appear.
  4. Ensure that any old entries for IsoStar .istr files are removed from the list of actions. Close all of the pop-up windows and return to the Firefox Browser.
  5. Navigate to the IsoStar Home page, then to any scatterplot link and click on it. A dialog box will appear.
  6. Select Open With and then Browse.
  7. Select the run_isostar script located in the bin directory of either your CSD Portfolio installation, or an installed copy of the IsoStar client download package.
  8. Check the "Do this automatically from now on" box to avoid having to go through this process again for subsequent scatterplots.

Note that the procedure detailed above will be similar but slightly different for later versions of Firefox (e.g. the initial dialog to view is under Tools and then Options instead of Edit and Preferences. Other browsers may require you to set up the MIME types directly:

Type: chemical/x-isostar
Suffix: istr
Helper Application: {PATH_TO}/bin/run_isostar​

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