SuperStar: A knowledge-based approach for identifying interaction sites in proteins
M. L. Verdonk, J. C. Cole and R. Taylor, J. Mol. Biol., 289, 1093-1108, 1999
[DOI: 10.1006/jmbi.1999.2809]

SuperStar: Improved knowledge-based interaction fields for protein binding sites
M. L. Verdonk, J. C. Cole, P. Watson, V. Gillet and P. Willett, J. Mol. Biol., 307, 841-859, 2001
[DOI: 10.1006/jmbi.2001.4452]

SuperStar: Comparison of CSD and PDB-base interaction fields as a basis for the prediction of protein-ligand interactions
D. R. Boer, J. Kroon, J. C. Cole, B. Smith and M. L. Verdonk, J. Mol. Biol., 312, 275-287, 2001
[DOI: 10.1006/jmbi.2001.4901]

Simple knowledge-based descriptors to predict protein-ligand interactions. Methodology and validation
J. W. M. Nissink, M. L. Verdonk and G. Klebe, J. Comput.-Aided Mol. Des., 14, 787-803, 2000
[DOI: 10.1023/A:1008109717641]

A new test set for validating predictions of protein-ligand interaction
J. W. M. Nissink, C. Murray, M. Hartshorn, M. L. Verdonk, J. C. Cole and R. Taylor, Proteins, 49, 457-471, 2002
[DOI: 10.1002/prot.10232]

Combined use of physiochemical data and small-molecule crystallographic contact propensities to predict interactions in protein binding sites
J. W. M. Nissink, R. Taylor, Org. Biomol. Chem., 2, 3238-3249, 2004
[DOI: 10.1039/B405205F]

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