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End of support for holders of perpetual licences for GOLD versions 5.3 and earlier


We are no longer able to offer any support for holders of perpetual licences for GOLD 5.3 or earlier, including the generation of new licences. These versions of GOLD are now at least 10 years old and we no longer have the facilities to generate licences for these old versions of the GOLD software. For many users these were sold without support access or payment of a maintenance charge, so were provided on an as-is basis at time of sale.

As a goodwill gesture for holders of perpetual licences, we were able to allow the request for a final long lasting licence key from the time when the previous batch of licences expired (1st March 2019) until 31st March 2020, when this option ended. If you have not requested a final licence, this means the old version of GOLD you have access to has not been used for over a year. It is no longer viable for us to keep the option of a final key open for such infrequent users.

GOLD continues to be a part of the CSD-Discovery and CSD-Enterprise software suites and is available for use through them. To enquire about access please contact admin@ccdc.cam.ac.uk