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Create your own offline installer for the free version of Mercury


You can create an offline installer with select components from the CSD portfolio from the online installer. First, download the online installer from the CSD-Community menu on the Downloads page. From the command line, within the folder where the installer is downloaded, run the following command:

CSDInstallerOnline-windows.exe search

This command will list the packages available, you can identify which components you want to generate an offline installer for. This example will show you how to create an offline installer for the free version of Mercury, enCIFer and utilities that depend on it

CSDInstallerOnline-windows.exe  create-offline pkg uk.ac.cam.ccdc.csd.mercury uk.ac.cam.ccdc.csd.encifer –root /local/myinstall -c --accept-licenses

  • uk.ac.cam.ccdc.csd.mercury will select Mercury and dependent components
  • uk.ac.cam.ccdc.csd.encifer will also include enCIFer in the offline installer
  • -root sets the folder where the installer will be placed, in this case /local/myinstall
  • -c confirms the process will continue with no user input
  • --accept-licenses accepts the user licence for the installer

Once the installer has been created, you can run it by either double-clicking or running the installer from the command line. You can activate the software as described in this FAQ.