The CCDC continues to build strong links with publishers and CSD-Xpedite, our new internal architecture for CCDC data, has helped to accelerate the process for data to be added to the CSD when articles containing deposition numbers are published. These strong links coupled with work by the Database group at the CCDC to find published structures that we have not been alerted to helps to ensure that the CSD is as up to date as possible for our users.  However we always welcome notification of publications from our depositors and authors when their structures are published.
If you would like the most up to date structures we would recommend using our public WebCSD server as WebCSD is updated at frequent intervals. WebCSD also allows access to structures in ASAP or early view articles and to structures before they are fully curated.
Alternatively the CSD is released in ConQuest in November each year and it is also possible to download CSD data updates for Conquest at regular intervals. This will keep your copy of the CSD more current between each major release of the CSD Portfolio. For ConQuest the deadline date for entries being archived into the CSD is 2 months prior to the release date, to allow for compilation of the database and for software testing, so your structure of interest may have been processed but missed the deadline date for a particular release of the CSD.
If you need access to a published structure for your work that is not available in your version of the CSD then please use our free Access Structures service.

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