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I’ve found a structure in a paper that I would like to obtain data for, but I can’t find a deposition number - what do I do?


You may search for data from us by entering the DOI of the publication if you do not know the deposition numbers of the structures you wish to request. To do this, just add the publication DOI into the DOI field on our Access Structures form.
If a search using the deposition number or the DOI do not return any hits then you will be redirected to a manual request form. You will then need to fill in as much information as possible about the data you are trying to locate and click Send. The information your provide should relate to data in a single publication.

Your submitted form will be forwarded to our Database Team, who will try to locate the correct data, ensure it is made available through the CSD and then email a link to the data to you. If we are unable to locate the data in our CIF repository we will request the data from the authors to enable us to make this data available. If this happens we will email you to let you know. In rare cases where the authors fail to respond to our requests for data then we will manually create an entry in the CSD based on the information available to us. In this case the CIF will contain information to say that the file was created manually.