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ConQuest stopped working on Windows after I updated from 2023.1 to 2023.2


This is because a runtime library msvcr90.dll was removed in the 2023.2 release, and the system version of this library does not work for everyone. Make sure that both the following runtime libraries are installed.

If installing the runtime libraries does not solve the problem, you can copy the dll from the 2023.1 version of ConQuest as described below.

If you still have a Windows machine with the 2023.1 release installed, copy this file from CCDC\ccdc-software\conquest\exe on the 2023.1 machine to the same location on the 2023.2 machine.

Otherwise you will need to install the 2023.1 version of ConQuest in a separate folder to obtain a copy of this file.

  1. Download the Windows online installer from https://www.ccdc.cam.ac.uk/support-and-resources/csdsdownloads/
  2. Click Settings on the first screen then click the Repositories tab
  3. Add a temporary repository with this URL:
    Untick the default repositories and tick "Use temporary repositories only".
  4. Click OK to return to the main installer screen.
  5. Click Next. Specify a new installation folder and click Next again.
  6. Click Next until you see the Package Selection screen. Select Custom and click Next again.
  7. Expand the CSD Software Portfolio box and click ConQuest.
  8. Click Next, accept the licence, click Next again.
  9. Enter a new folder for the Start Menu shortcuts.
  10. Click Next until you reach the Ready to Install screen then click Install. Click Finish once ConQuest is installed.

Once you have copied msvcr90.dll from your 2023.1 ccdc-software\conquest\exe folder to your 2023.2 folder the 2023.1 installation can safely be removed.