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What happens to unpublished data stored at the CCDC?


Every year we send out emails to depositors to ask if unpublished data that has been deposited with the CCDC for over a year can be published. Data deposited at the CCDC can be updated at any time after deposition and depositors are encouraged to share each structure directly through the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) as a CSD Communication if they decide not to publish data in an associated scientific article.

For information on how to publish your structures directly as a CSD Communication or if you have already published your data and want to update the publication details you can watch one of our new instructional videos here:
English language video: https://youtu.be/0Vy8RpdIH_w
Mandarin/Chinese language video (中文/普通话教程视频): http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzkyODUzNDc1Ng==.html?spm=a2h0j.11185381.listitem_page1.5~A

Or follow these instructions:
- Sign in (or register) on the CCDC website https://www.ccdc.cam.ac.uk/deposit/mystructures
- Search for the deposition numbers listed below and click on 'Details'
You then simply need to:
- Press 'Publish in a Database’ to share your data through the CSD as a CSD Communication.
- Or click 'Add Publication' and provide us with the publication details if your data has already been published in a scientific article
- Or click 'Extend' in the Embargo Date field if you still plan to publish any of these structures and would like them to remain confidential until the point of publication for another year.

More information about CSD Communications:

CSD Communications can be referenced in the same way as a publication and have an ISSN Number and a full CCDC citation including a data DOI. Structures published in this way are available immediately, for free, via Access Structures and will be curated into the CSD. The wider scientific community can also gain new insights from your valuable structures and so far more than 30,000 additional datasets have been shared in this way.