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How do I get Mercury to recognise that I have a version of the CSD database installed?


Where possible we recommend using the CSD-Portfolio's built-in version of Mercury which is preconfigured with the location of the CSD database, rather than the standalone version which is not.

If Mercury does not automatically open the CSD database when started, then it may be having difficulty locating the appropriate database files. In such a case, Mercury can be pointed to the correct location by using the CSD-Core -> Select Databases menu option.

Mercury will also check the environment variable CCDC_TOOLKIT_ASER_DATABASE. If this points to an ASER database, the database will be opened.

For example, on Windows:

    SET CCDC_TOOLKIT_ASER_DATABASE=X:\cdromV5??\csd\as5??be

and on Unix (C shell): 

    setenv CCDC_TOOLKIT_ASER_DATABASE /home/cdrom/csd/as5??be​

where ?? = the database version number you have installed.