The ‘My Structures’ service is an enhancement to the CCDC’s online deposition service. Once you have registered it allows you to see your previously deposited structures. In addition, you can visualise structures you have already published in our Access Structures service, check the status of any depositions and download and retrieve your datasets at any time. The datasets can be shared with collaborators, and it is also possible to ‘claim’ previously published data to include in your ‘My Structures’ view (once CCDC has confirmed you are a named author).

If you have a CSD licence, in July 2019 we released functionality that allows you to create an in-house database from all, or a selection of, the datasets in your ‘My Structures’ view. Datasets can be reviewed and updated using our ‘CSD Editor’ software, available to download from our website. The data is written into a .csdsqlx database that can be used directly with Mercury, ConQuest and the CSD Python API. The CSD Editor software is available for licensed CSD users to download from our Download page alongside extensive documentation and an instructional video.

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