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Can I save images displayed within Mercury as graphics files?


Yes, the current view can be saved as a graphical image in either Bitmap (*.bmp), Portable Network Graphics (*.png) or jpeg (*.jpg or *.jpeg) file formats. To save the current image, hit File in the top-level menu, Save As... in the next menu, then choose the required format in the File Format dialogue box and hit OK. This opens the Save As dialogue box which allows you to specify the name and location of the file to be created. The Save Image dialogue box then appears. This allows you to specify the image size. Please note, sizes over 1500 by 1500 pixels require large amounts of memory.​

In addition, using the File > POV-Ray Image option, brings up an interface to the POV-Ray ray-tracing program. This allows users to directly access it's capabilities from within Mercury.

Please see http://www.povray.org/ for more details and downloads (if needed).