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How can I associate raw data stored with another repository to my deposited structures?


The CCDC does not currently store raw data files. However, if you have deposited your raw data files with another repository and have a DOI link for this then you can associate this DOI link with the relevant files you have deposited with CCDC. You can do this during the deposition process by adding the DOI at the ‘Enhance Data’ stage of the process.

For any structures already deposited at CCDC it is possible to add the link to associated data from the ‘My Structures’ service. For any structure, select the Details button to access the ‘My Structure Details’ view and click the ‘New Associated Data’ button in the ‘Associated Data’ section to add the DOI.

The raw data DOIs will be linked from Access Structures and WebCSD once your data is published and in time will be embedded into CIFs downloaded from the CCDC and included in the metadata we send to DataCite.