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What happens to my data once they have been submitted?


You will receive your deposition numbers via email once your data has been submitted to the CCDC. These are usually sent within 3 working hours of deposition and in the majority of cases within a few minutes.

Unless you choose to share your data through the CSD or ICSD immediately as a CSD Communication or an ICSD Communication your data will remain confidential until the point of publication in an associated article. It may however be made available to journal referees, on request. Please include this number as a footnote in your paper so that individual datasets may be made available upon publication.

If any of your structures are not published within one year from deposition you will be contacted by the CCDC and given the opportunity to extend the embargo period for your data. If you do not respond and neither you nor any co-author has instructed the CCDC otherwise, your structures may be added as CSD Communications or ICSD Communications at the end of your embargo period.