If you would like to publish structures which feature in your PhD thesis, you can make your data publicly available through the CSD. To do this, simply deposit your data through Deposit Structures. When completing the publication information for your structure, add the journal name as "Thesis", the year of your thesis and the list of authors. To see an example of structures published in a thesis, please see the CSD entries for WOMXEE and WOMXII, published by CCDC's very own Jürgen Harter in his PhD thesis. 

In case you no longer have the thesis structures in CIF format, we are still able to add your data to the CSD. For us do to so, please email and attach any files you have. These may include .res or .ins files, and/or the crystallographic tables in your thesis, including the table of coordinates and basic crystallographic information.

If you no longer have the crystallographic tables in electronic format, then please either scan your data to PDF, take a photo or type up the data into a text file, and send it to For cases where a CIF file is not available, you will also need to provide additional details about your thesis, including thesis title, PhD supervisor name, institution and the name of the crystallographer (if this was someone else). These details will be used to verify the information provided.

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