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What is CSD-Xpedite?


CSD-Xpedite was launched in May 2013 to manage depositions and create entries for the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD). This new architecture enables the rapid growth of the CSD into the next decade and expands the opportunities for crystallographers world-wide to gain high value insights from their experimental data.

When a structure is deposited with the CCDC, CSD-Xpedite processes and checks deposited files automatically, utilising the knowledge already contained in the CSD. It enables the CCDC to manage the throughput of these depositions more efficiently and allows all the data (including Crystallographic Information Files (CIFs), structure factors, supporting documentation) and correspondence to be stored in one system. On top of this CSD-Xpedite provides the CCDC’s expert editorial team with information required for scientific validation prior to inclusion into the CSD and speeds up the addition of new structures into the database.

This new architecture enables WebCSD, CCDC’s online crystal structure searching service, to have access to more up-to-the-minute data, with structures published on journal websites being available much more rapidly.

CSD-Xpedite is an extremely flexible system, on which we can build into the future. Users will see an immediate benefit from streamlining the process from data deposition to release and can expect exciting new services, accessing additional information, to be available soon.