​​The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC).
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What data can I download from the CCDC?


​The CCDC produces the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) which is the world repository of small molecule organic and metal-organic experimental crystal structures. The CSD contains both X-ray and neutron diffraction analyses and structures are input into the CSD if they are based on either:

- a single crystal study - where cell parameters are reported, or
- a powder study, where cell parameters, atomic coordinates and constrained refinement (e.g. Rietveld) are reported

The CSD also includes peptides and saccharides of up to 24 residues and mono-, di- and tri-nucleotides.

Thanks to a new collaboration between the CCDC and FIZ Karlsruhe, CCDC also provides access to the inorganic data stored in the the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD). In the same way as data in the CSD, ICSD data can be searched for, viewed and downloaded via Access Structures.

If the data you require meets the criteria listed above then you may use our free Access Structures service to download the data you require. If the data does not meet the criteria listed above then you may be interested to read our solution “Where do I request data not included in the CSD?”

For more information on what is included in the CSD please see our solution "What are the criteria for deposition into the CCDC?"