Note: If using the CCDC Apache server supplied with IsoStar, hyperlinking should already have been configured for the server. It should only be necessary to correctly configure the client (see step 5 below).

The following steps are required to enable hyperlinking from the IsoStar client if using your own Apache server:

1. First you must perform a standard install of the IsoStar Server package. During installation, you will need to indicate the location of the CSD database files as these are used when hyperlinking. If not already installed, the main CSD database files may be installed via the main CSDS installer package.

2. Your Apache server must be configured to serve the <isostar_install_dir>/isostar directory as the main DocumentRoot 'htdocs' location. The Apache server must have a configured scripts directory, such as cgi-bin, able to execute scripts.

3. To enable hyperlinking you must copy the file:


to the script directory of your Apache server (e.g. cgi-bin).

4. To test the CGI script, try accessing the following URLs:

  • http(s)://your.server/<cgi-bin>/isostar_server.cgi?check_license
  • http(s)://your.server/<cgi-bin>/isostar_server.cgi?csd_xml+aabhtz
  • http(s)://your.server/<cgi-bin>/isostar_server.cgi?pdb+0FOH01

Replace your.server with the address of your Apache server and <cgi-bin> with the location of the directory containing isostar_server.cgi (relative to the top directory of the Apache server). The "http(s)" component refers to use of either "http" or "https".

The first two URLs should display OK in your browser window; the other two should display MOL2 files.

5. In the IsoStar client, select the "Hyperlink Server..." option from the "Options" pull-down menu and enter the server and script details that correspond to your setup (this will be your.server and <cgi-bin>/isostar_server.cgi that you used in the preceding step to test the script.​ For https servers, use the full https URL and port, for example "https://you.server:433".

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