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I am unable to deposit my data using IE9 or below, what should I do?


​Unfortunately our online deposition service is no longer available through IE9. We have actively decided not to support older browsers (IE9 and below) for the reasons listed below. Please either update your browser or use a different browser to use the deposition service. If you are still unable to use our web service please email deposit@ccdc.cam.ac.uk for further help.

Why are we ending support for the deposition process on IE9?

As we evaluate which browsers to support, we consider which ones meet your security needs, will give you the best experience, and enable you to fully take advantage of the functionality exposed through the deposition process. Unfortunately IE9 did not meet these requirements for the reasons detailed below:
•    IE9 (and below) is less secure. Trust and security are incredibly important to us at CCDC. There have been multiple security vulnerabilities discovered in these older browsers over the years, so we are upholding our commitment to the security and trust of depositing data to CCDC by ending support for these less secure browsers.
•    Microsoft stopped supporting IE9 and IE10 in January 2015. For more information on Microsoft’s plans, please see their website: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/endofsupport.aspx.
•    Our depositors are moving to newer browsers. Less than 3% of our depositors are using IE9. As our depositors are moving towards newer browsers, and we want to develop features that best serve the crystallographic community.