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Software Activation is failing because it fails to access the internet using my proxy server


The CCDC software activation tool will attempt to automatically detect proxy server settings and use them, so for the vast majority of users there should be no need to worry about entering proxy server information.

There may be some cases, however, where that automatic detection of proxy server settings fails and then activation will fail with a network error.

In these cases, starting with the 2020.1 CSD Portfolio release, we have added the option to manually specify a proxy server when using the command-line version of the activation tool.

To manually specify your proxy server, there is now a -p (or --proxy) argument you can add to your activation command:

  -p, --proxy <proxy>                 Specify an explicit proxy. The proxy
                                      format should be:


This help text, along with help for all arguments and options, can be obtained via the --help option, e.g.


ccdc_activator --help


For example, to perform a node-locked activation, specifying the proxy server http://my_proxy:8008, you would use a command like:

ccdc_activator -a -k 123456-123456-123456-123456-123456-123456 -p http://my_proxy:8008