All structures deposited at the CCDC remain confidential until the point of publication. If you would like to share an unpublished structure with your co-workers without releasing the data publicly you are able to do this through our 'My Structures' service. To do this you will need to sign-in (or register) at:

Once you have signed in you can select the datasets you wish to share and then click the 'Share Structures' button near the top right of the My Structures view.  This will open a pop-up that gives the option for you to share the data with either 'Read Only' or 'Full Editing' rights. You are also given the option to either allow or prevent the recipient from further sharing the dataset with other users. These options can be applied to each dataset individually. You are then required to add the recipient's email address; the My Structures table can be altered to view only shared structures by selecting the 'Structures shared with me' option. 

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