Yes you can.

If you register to use our deposition services you may log-on and view your deposited data through  ‘My Structures’. You are then able to click on the 'Details' button to see more details about a particular structure and from there you can update the publication details, extend the embargo period or publish the data as a CSD Communication

Do I need to update the publication details?

No, CCDC will usually take care of this for you with interactions from publishers.

CCDC receive notifications from all the major publishers to alert us when CCDC numbers are about to be published in their journals. We then have automated processes in place to automatically check and update the publication details for those CCDC numbers. For cases where such notification mechanisms are in place our database team at CCDC manually search publications and update our records. This means that depositors are not required to let us know about publication changes.

Why can't I add a publication DOI to the publication details?

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) can be easily mistyped and so we ask depositors to fill in the full publication details. These then undergo an automatated process where we can check the publication details that have been entered are correct and automatically add the publication DOI. If any issues are found with the publication then one of our deposition coordinators will try to identify the correct publication from the information that was added and correct the details for you.

If I do update my publication details what happens next?

If a publication is edited to contain a journal name and a page number then any associated structures are classed as published. This means that the publication details will no longer be editable and they will be checked and validated at CCDC. The structures will also be immediately added to our Access Structures service and if appropriate will be curated into the Cambridge Structural Database.


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