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How do I obtain data already deposited with the CCDC?


After the associated paper is published, data may be downloaded from the CCDC using our free Access Structures service.
To use this service you can search for:
  • The deposition number cited in the paper, e.g. CCDC 299839, CCDC 600123, CCDC 1000052, CSD 64599, ICSD 41898 etc.
  • The Digital object identifier (DOI) of the publication, e.g. 10.1107/S0021889810019680
  • The Digital object identifier (DOI) of the CSD entry, e.g. 10.5517/cc100012
  • The CSD refcode e.g. MATPAZ or ACANIL01
  • The compound name
  • Author and journal details
After you have submitted your search a summary page will open with a "Download" button. The first time you click the "Download" button you will be asked to accept the conditions of use. Once these have been added you can then click the "Download" button and download the CIF file(s) that you require.