Matt Lightfoot

​​Matthew has a BSc in chemistry from Birmingham University and a PhD in alkali metal coordination chemistry from UMIST. He joined the CCDC after completing his PhD in 2000 as a Scientific Editor in the Database Group where he was responsible for carrying out the curation and validation of crystal structures into the CSD.

During his time at the CCDC Matthew has been involved in many different aspects of database processing and has developed a deep understanding of how structures are processed into the CSD. More recently, Matthew has been working with the Internal Database Development Team on developing CSD-Xpedite - a completely new platform for the internal processing of data. This went live during 2013 and has provided the CCDC with a much more efficient and flexible system with which to process structures into the CSD. In 2013 Matthew was given the role of Editor in Chief. He now leads the Editorial Team and is responsible for how all data are processed into the CSD.


Google Scholar ID: Matthew Lightfoot

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