The Database of Educational Crystallographic Online Resources


This is an online resource for the sharing, and borrowing of educational resources for crystallography. This resource originated from the DECOR (Database of Educational Crystallographic Online Resources) project set up by Mike Zdilla at Temple University. It’s a forum where crystallographic educators worldwide can share resources for teaching crystallography, and where anyone who wishes to teach a course in crystallography or pursue an informal education in the art of crystal structure determination may have access to teaching resources. Use of educational materials hosted by the CCDC is completely free.

There is only one condition to using the materials on this site and that is to provide appropriate citations and to credit the authors of the material when you use it. Many educators and teachers worldwide have committed many hours of time to the development of these resources and so it is only fair that they receive the credit they deserve. If you agree to these terms, you may access the material using the links below.The material has been donated by expert crystallographers and educators to help others teach the wonders of crystallography. Although it is hosted by the CCDC to help provide our community with resources to teach crystallography it has not been peer reviewed or checked and should be used at your own risk and discretion.