You can download Mercury for Windows, Linux or MacOS from the CSDS Downloads page. Click the Details link for the version you need for brief installation instructions. We recommend uninstalling older versions of Mercury before installing the current version, and on Linux you need to make the installer executable before running it.

Before Mercury can be run it must be activated. For the free version, go to the CSD-Community tab in the activation tool and click Activate. The activation tool should pop up automatically the first time Mercury is launched. It can also be run manually if required - its location depends on your operating system. Here <INSTALLDIR> refers to the directory where Mercury was installed.

  • Windows: <INSTALLDIR>\Software Activation\ccdc_activator_gui.exe
  • Linux: <INSTALLDIR>/software_activation/ccdc_activator_gui
  • Mac: <INSTALLDIR>/Software_Activation/CCDC-Software-Activation


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